Generate the skeleton plugin

Fill out the form (Plugin name is required) and click Generate blank plugin when you are done


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Initializing... (if this message does not disappear, check that javascript is enabled)

Unzip the archive

After the previous step, you should have a zip file that you should extract in a location of your choice (referred as PLUGIN_ROOT in the next steps).

# Example of archive generated with name=Kooza / company=acme

> unzip
   creating: Kooza-src/
 extracting: Kooza-src/.gitignore    
 extracting: Kooza-src/CMakeLists.txt  
 extracting: Kooza-src/LICENSE.txt   
 extracting: Kooza-src/     
   creating: Kooza-src/archive/
 extracting: Kooza-src/archive/README-macOS_64bits.txt  
 extracting: Kooza-src/archive/README-win_64bits.txt  
   creating: Kooza-src/audio-unit/
 extracting: Kooza-src/audio-unit/Info.plist  
 extracting: Kooza-src/audio-unit/audiounitconfig.h  
 extracting: Kooza-src/configure.bat  
 extracting: Kooza-src/  
 extracting: Kooza-src/jamba.cmake   
   creating: Kooza-src/mac/
 extracting: Kooza-src/mac/Info.plist  
   creating: Kooza-src/resource/
 extracting: Kooza-src/resource/Kooza.rc  
 extracting: Kooza-src/resource/Kooza.uidesc  
   creating: Kooza-src/src/
   creating: Kooza-src/src/cpp/
   creating: Kooza-src/src/cpp/GUI/
 extracting: Kooza-src/src/cpp/GUI/KoozaController.cpp  
 extracting: Kooza-src/src/cpp/GUI/KoozaController.h  
   creating: Kooza-src/src/cpp/RT/
 extracting: Kooza-src/src/cpp/RT/KoozaProcessor.cpp  
 extracting: Kooza-src/src/cpp/RT/KoozaProcessor.h  
 extracting: Kooza-src/src/cpp/Kooza.h  
 extracting: Kooza-src/src/cpp/KoozaCIDs.h  
 extracting: Kooza-src/src/cpp/Kooza_VST2.cpp  
 extracting: Kooza-src/src/cpp/Kooza_VST3.cpp  
 extracting: Kooza-src/src/cpp/  
   creating: Kooza-src/test/
   creating: Kooza-src/test/cpp/
 extracting: Kooza-src/test/cpp/test-Kooza.cpp  
 extracting: Kooza-src/vst369.cmake  

Next Steps

You can now follow Step 2 to configure and build the plugin