Jamba is currently working on the following platforms:

  • macOS High Sierra 10.13.3+ with Xcode 9.2 installed
  • Windows 10 64 bits and Visual Studio Build tools (Visual Studio 16 2019)

It requires cmake version 3.12 at the minimum and uses C++ 17


Linux is currently not supported (could be added if there is demand).



If you follow the Quickstart steps, Jamba will automatically download the SDK for you and you can safely skip this section, but if you are planning to work on multiple plugins, it is recommended to install the SDK on your system by following these steps


At this time, Jamba uses VST3 SDK version 3.6.9. You may check the discussion if you are interested in the details.

Download the SDK

Download the VST3 SDK version 3.6.9 (shasum 256 => 7c6c2a5f0bcbf8a7a0d6a42b782f0d3c00ec8eafa4226bbf2f5554e8cd764964).

Install the SDK

Unpack the SDK to the following location (note how it should be renamed with the version number)

  • /Users/Shared/Steinberg/VST_SDK.369 for macOS
  • C:\Users\Public\Documents\Steinberg\VST_SDK.369 for windows.

You can also install the SDK in a different location and use the VST3_SDK_ROOT (cmake) variable to define its location. For example:

# add this to the top of CMakeLists.txt
set(VST3_SDK_ROOT "/my/custom/path/VST3_SDK" CACHE PATH "Location of VST3 SDK")

# make sure that the path points INSIDE the archive to the VST3_SDK folder

Configure the SDK (for VST2)

In order to build both VST2 and VST3 at the same time, you need to run the following commands

# for macOS
cd /Users/Shared/Steinberg/VST_SDK.369

# for Windows
cd C:\Users\Public\Documents\Steinberg\VST_SDK.369